Friday, September 25, 2009

Bar Harbor, ME

I have not climbed outside for a while. You know when your soul aches for something, you just have to eventually give in. Monday I decided I just had to go so Liam and I head down to Maine Monday night with the plan to climb all day and drive home the next night and arrive in time to go to work. We drove 800km climbed until 3 hrs after dark (not on purpose), got home by 2:30am in plenty of time to make work, did about 32 pitches between us and had an awesome time.

It whetted my appetite did nothing to satiated by drive and now I am stuck back at work again. A few more hours and this weekend I will be teaching rock school our annual beginner event for 40 students in Welsford NB. Not exactly climbing fr me but a fun weekend out.

Here in an old pictured of me on Pipe Dreams a neat pin protected 5.12 in Bar Harbor.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nationals Videos, Montreal 2009

Dr topo has the videos from nationals all done, here are the links:

Mens part 1
Mens part 2

Womens part 1
Womens part 2
Womens part 3

Kids Climbing and Getting Fat

I spent part of the week in PEI pitching a school for a wall installation project. It went well, I suspect it will go forward, but slowly. This will be the first "real" wall in a high school in the Maritimes I think. I need to get administration to see the value in just one, then use the model to propagate them through different districts. One step at a time I guess.

Friday morning I left PEI to NB to go to our ultrasound appointment. Ellen and I are having a boy! I am excited, it feels real now. I want to name him John III and just "three" for short. Ellen is not so keen. Not sure why really. I also suggested Riley, after our dog...I like the dog.

An couple hours after I found out, I was in the air for Edmonton Alberta for work for a week. So many distractions, it is impossible to train and I am eating bad. I am getting fat and have some work to do for comp season, but I am feeling healed and motivated, so I suspect as soon as I return and training resumes it will come back quick.