Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holly in Finals

I went to the Tour de Bloc Delire comp in Quebec last week. I have said it before and I will say it again, that gym is awesome! The people are great and they care a lot. Their team of organizers is top notch.

The attendance was huge I think they had about 50 juniors alone, probably over 150 total. Good for them.

The comp ran very smooth, but they did not use tape for qualifiers, they used color coded holds. I think this is a huge mistake. Being color blind and knowing 10% of the male population is also, it makes it nearly impossible to compete. I have to memorize the patterns before trying any problem with similar color holds. I watched a lot of people struggle even when they were not color blind. Once chalk gets on the top of a hold and you get above it, any similar color hold looks the same. I just don't get it, it has no benefit and has no place in comps. Its much cleaner for the gym for everyday use, but not comps.

I think they struggled a bit setting for a zone format finals, but overall the comp was really good, they do an awesome job a Delire.

For myself I ended up third. I was really unhappy with my finals performance. Problem 2 killed me. I could not get anywhere, my heel just would not stick. I new if I could get the first heel, I would do the problem, but just couldn't get it.

I had a great time and am physced to go to Delire for regionals.