Saturday, May 2, 2009

BOLO Climbing Volumes near launch

For the past few months Ghislain Losier and I have paired up to create a company, Bolo Climbing Volumes, to provide large climbing volumes and features to the climbing industry. Distinctly lacking in North America, volumes are the cornerstone of European climbing walls and competitions.

We have established a better texture formula than any I have ever climbed on, but are still working out the production and logistical kinks, before we officially launch. We have however, been selling our prototypes off at majorly discounted rates for testing and feedback. People are loving them! Here is a pic of 2 recent prototypes.

1 Meter Deep Pinch

4ft Large Pyramid

Zig pouring some early resin holds in my garage.

Zig gettin after the glassin.


I just got back from St. John's Newfoundland for work. It was not at all what I expected. The harbor is far most industrial with ugly mine cuts into the rock than pretty postcards depict. None the less I fell in love with the place. The people are friendly, in maritime style, and generally everyone is willing to help with anything.

To anyone visiting I recommend the hike up Signal Hill, it was gorgeous and 5 min to its start, from downtown. I was pleasantly surprised that there are trials everywhere, apparently a wealthy businessman established them all over the city, it really adds to the appeal for me.

I took the brief opportunity to check out Newfoundlands only climbing gym, Wallnuts. The place was packed and business seemed great. The gym is not very big but the crew of climbers is awesome and it is well run. I think layout changes could easily make far more appealing angle changes for better climbing but everyone there seemed content. The hold selection was quite good also.

I was a bit surprised by the lack of difficult problems, given the amount of outdoor rock for people to get strong on and stay physced. The place is an untapped gem from what I can see!

I will definitely be back to Newf for work and plan a longer trip next time for some exploration. 5 star.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New on the home front - Riley

After years of fighting it I gave and Ellen and I got a pup and I am sure glad I did! I pictured nyself the hard ass but the little guy is awesome. Chicks dig him too ;)


Ellen and I actually took a laid back vacation for the first time ever, with some convincing friends (Simon and Krista) to the sunny beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Normally not my cup of tea, to sit and relax, I actually found in my old age I enjoyed it to a point. We did some cool stuff, crazy cool snorkeling in Cenotes (water filled caverns), horse back riding, sea dooing and scuba.

Now scuba I thought we be rad, but between wanting to vomit from the rough sea and the nearly complete lack of any instruction it was probably not the greatest experience. In fact, I distinctly remember uttering between waves of nausea I would never do it again for a million dollars. Typical of type 3 fun, I now would love to go again, subject to less vomitus conditions.

Here is my amigo Niki the snapping Chihuahua and a pic of our resort beach.