Monday, March 22, 2010

Tour de Bloc UNB

Qualified first, finals ended up second.

1) Eric Sethna
2) John Bowles
3) Matt Keyes

1) Holly Reid
2) Krissy Lunney
3) Shauna Post

The real story was Matt Keyes, he qualified in the 8th and final place but flipped to 3rd in finals with an awesome performance!

Considering the lack of climbing, traveling and new baby I was relatively happy. A beta mistake is what killed me in finals, so it was not too bad. I will be feeling good just in time for mid summer world cups, which is the current plan, if life does not get in the way. I am motivated!

The problems I think were the best quality qualifier problems of any tour I have been to. Props to Ghislain Losier for setting the great routes!

It is too bad the attendence sucked, I think it was due to the 18 degree sunny weather no locals came at all, but those who came from away were all strong, the field just was not that numerous. A shame really considering the awesome problems.


Chris said...

Hi John. I believe the lack of participation at the UNB Tour de Bloc generally reflects the sentiment that most locals aren't interested in high-end competition. Our local comps this year all had huge attendance. Depending on your point of view, this may or may not be disappointing. I'll say this though:

1) I'm glad to hear that Zig did a good job... I asked him to photo the qualifier routes such that they can be reset.

2) You earn the credit for fostering the competitive spirit at UNB. I'd bet that it was your encouragement that brought those who did compete to do so. So if you'd like to see more TDB engagement in the future, I think your on the right track.

neadamthal said...

was a split for me.... weather compounding the onerous $40 entry fee.