Friday, December 24, 2010

Quebec for christmas

I am in Quebec for Christmas. I climbed at Roc Gym this morning. I always like that gym because i have fun there. There are lots of better gyms out there, but I always See to have fun there.

I was by myself as usual, but there were 50 new comp problems to try. I had a blast. I sent all of the hardest but one, in my 2hours there. They were all good quality. The setting at Roc gym has been consistently good this year. It's a shame they are not hosting a tour de bloc this year?

I am hoping to get to Allez Up in Montreal this trip as tell a couple Times. For nos eat try to sleep and pend some Time with family.

Merry Christmas

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Beth said...

Merry Christmas to my pride and joy...Glad to see you writing again...happy climbing for 2011.."be free Willy"....xoxoMom