Friday, December 31, 2010

Sore Neck?

Ever get a sore neck belaying your partner? We all know that crippling kink. In a way it is a good thing, as its a built in excuse when its our turn to send.

Kink no more however. Power n' play has solved this problem with the CU Belay glasses.

CU Belay glasses by Power n' Play.

I had heard of these for quite some time ago, but had an opportunity to try them this week. I was very suprised that they actually work and do not require much getting used to. I was able to belay effectivly the first time and never really look up more then horizontal. I was really suprised at that the small lens could cover all the focal area required.

Simon the model.

In fact the small lens footprint meant I could see the climber and the rope and belay device outside the lens field of view. Quite smart really.

Bottom line they do work. That said, I only used them once because I really do not get a kinked neck often. But for those who do this is a solution.

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Anonymous said...

Funky stuff..I use a tip from an article in R&I a few years back. While looking up tilt your head to the side as if you were catching that string of cheese off a slice of pizza. Actually works.