Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best Gyms

I want to make a list of all the real climbing gyms in Canada, only climbing gyms for climbers.

I have been to many gyms around the world and I usually try an visit any gym, in any area I am traveling.

After all the gyms I have been to, I have to say I am usually quite happy to come back home to my small little local gym, The UNB Rock and Ice Club. It is small and has bad ventillation, but its still awesome.

The UNB wall, aka THE WALL.

I think per square area, it has more problems and more difficult problems, than nearly any gym I have been to, anywhere in the world. Operationally it is quite independent and is run by real climbers, not business people. The gyms motivation is only to make the gym and climbing community great. Money is not a driving force, not at all (membership is $50/year! for students and $75 for community members).

This gym has turned out a bunch of strong climbers, has great angles and tons of great holds.


Anonymous said...

Hi John, This is Amir khanlou here, we were at UNB at the same time at ME for the Masters. I happened to watch Canadian Bouldering Championships 2009 on youtube and I recognized you and thought to drop by and say hi. great job man!!! well done. I have gotten into climbing in the past few years since I moved out to Vancouver and am enjoying it. Hope things are going well with life and everything and maybe someday we catch up here to get up on some routes in Squamish. cheers

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