Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moon Board, Try 2 - Revenge

The School Room, site of the first Moon Board.

No Comp for me this weekend, so I decided to head into Boulderz for a session.

Tonight I was quite sore from last nights session and when I tried to work yesterdays problems I could do nothing, so instead not expecting much, I joined a crew for a Moon session.

I was surprised that it went very well and I sent every all them except one. The one I could not do I got shut down by one impossible feeling move. By the end of the session I was close on even that move.

I really don't get it. Those problems all felt so hard the last session, even though I felt good, this time I felt bad, but it went well. I can only assume I tried harder this time. It can't be that my movement improved in that short a time. Although, that felt like what my problem was in session one. Moon problems are not like normal indoor problems, they are small pinches and edges with thumb catches, very outdoor-like. So, maybe one session was enough to learn the movement, which was very new to me on plastic.

Whatever happened it is a very steep learning curve. It is really great to see progress again and very quickly. Normally improvement has been only coming in tiny increments, but this is really working me in a way I am not used to making progress perceivable.

Now I want to change the setup and try more Moon problems! It seems like they do not have many really hard ones preset for you though according to the website, so I am hoping to find some others online.

Anyone know if there is a forum sharing Moon problems?

Here are the preset problems for anyone wanting a link.


Anonymous said...

not too many hard ones? They have 8a presets...

Unknown said...

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