Friday, September 24, 2010

Thanks Zig!

The last thing of note I did comp wise was Nationals in May. I had a horrible flu, but went anyway and as expected it did not go as planned. I was hoping to be on my game as returning champ, but it was not to be. It is harder to stay on top then get there in the first place...a good lesson. Anyway, I ended 6th in a strong field and it was very close, one hold was the differnece in 3 spots. Pics to come.

Here is an pic of the original orangahang on dover before it was damaged by the hurrican. Photo by Mike Meade.

Ok its been a while for tons of reasons, but I just noticed Zig has been updating his blog again with awesome old pics from Nova Scotia. He gave me my motivation back to post! Thanks Zig, check out his blog here.

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Beth said...

Glad you're back...missed you...Mom