Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tonight I learned a secret. I was at the gym, alone again doing some circuits. The last problem, my last attempt I think I had a revelation. I learned how to breath properly or at least differently, I feel like I discovered a secret.

It's not that I have not experimented with different on route breathing patterns but tonight magic happened. I went from utterly flaccid and fatigued and floated the route. It was a special moment for me.

I have a secret, I am not telling least until I make sure it works again tommorow?


neadamthal said...

.... and??! I'm in suspense!

breathing is ultimately the most important part of power endurance. w/o oxygen, you're going to pump out.

staying relaxed, breathing into your belly/diaphragm, all contribute.

but what did YOU discover?

neadamthal said...

i guess it didn't happen again eh?

neadamthal said...

i think your 'breath' breakthru was just a lot of hot air! :)