Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Peak?

I had a good session with the Boulderz crew today. I had intended to work on the Moon problems again, but there were a bunch of new projects put up since I was there last there and a couple undone ones from previously; they were too good to pass up.

Tony B in the Boulderz cave.

It turned into a great session and I was able to send all my projects but one. I wish it were a comp day.

Its funny that after all the years I cannot predict exactly when the magic days will occur. Lots of people seem to think they can control when they will peak once or twice a year, but I find I have many really great days throughout the year, I just never can be sure when they occur.

I do find I can control roughly when they absolute best days will be, if I am aiming for only one really great comp, but for a comp climber who needs to do well at many comps, what is the best way to approach training?

Sometimes I think I would rather have many mini peaks then one or two big ones. What I really want is to be able to shorten the cycle between peaks. That is the main challenge.

Are there any suggestions out there?


Zig said...

more rest days

Anonymous said...

i find to peak in the gym i need to really ramp up the redbull intake and maybe buy some new solutions yo! glad to hear about your sick send day on all your sick v11 indoor projs yo!

John Bowles said...

rest eh? i have not tried that one