Monday, April 5, 2010

Hampton Marsh

Just got back from Hampton Marsh. It has been a while since I have been there and there have been a bunch of new routes added since. I did not get a chance to climb them all, but I was happy to see the development.

The bolt jobs are pretty bad on a couple of the routes I climbed, I certainly would not want to be near my limit on those routes! Still nice to have them though.

I am actually physced to go back there now and try the rest.

The big news for me was my Mom stopped by and tried climbing for her first time. She did awesome I was so proud of her. She has always been my biggest supporter and now she has had a chance to try it herself! Wicked job mom!


Ben Blakney & Krissy Lunney said...

Your mom was climbing! Awesome! Photos?

Beth said...

It was probably the biggest outdoor thrill for me in a long time. First seeing John do it live, so naturally, so at ease and so well.
Secondly, trying it myself finally!I have wanted to for a long, long time and now I can say I did. The most exciting part was "letting go" and trusting that belaying really works and I was not going to go crashing to the ground.John is a fantastic teacher as I knew he would be.(a photo to follow soon)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome John! :D